TKC Told You So: Kansas City Clergy Claim Top Cop Search Is (You Guessed It) RACIST!!!

Confirming our reporting and eternal disappointment with the human condition . . .

Here's the obligatory quote from a larger than life figure in the KCMO discourse who has put himself front and center in the KPCD Chief selection process by way of organizing community meetings and a straw poll that was probably, swiftly placed in the 12th & Oak circular file along with TKC's dream of bringing back Kansas City Jitney cars . . .

"We have to question, and wonder does the board of police commissioners, KCPD – do they even listen to what the community wants to see happen for their city" said Pastor Darron Edwards of Heart of the Matter.

The leaked communication has people across Kansas City who had faith in the search for a new police chief asking questions.

Sources tell FOX4 the search has been narrowed down -- leaving out all internal Black candidates.

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Activists say voices not being heard with new KCPD chief candidates

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There may be no internal Black candidates for the Kansas City Police Department chief of police opening. That's according to leaked communications from the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. This comes on the heels of a Justice Department investigation into racial discrimination in the department.