Social Justice Activists & Protesters Target Jackson County Sheriff Forté?!?

Let's not forget that a somewhat recent bra controversy has the local law man on the defensive after the episode cost local taxpayers about $405K.

And now metro activists are getting even more frustrations off their chest . . .

Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity (MORE2), the organization trying to set up voter registration at the jail, said the sheriff’s office has not cooperated with its attempts to bring registration groups to the detainees.

“We’ve been waiting to hear back from the sheriff’s office to explain to us what the protocol is, and if there’s not a system in place, we want to work together to ensure there is one before Oct. 12,” MORE2 leader Christine McDonald said last week.

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"Let our people vote": Sheriff won't let voter registration groups inside Jackson County jail

Social justice and voting rights groups in Kansas City have been calling on Sheriff Darryl Forté to allow voter registration activities inside the Jackson County jail for several weeks. But as Missouri’s Oct. 12 deadline to register to vote approaches, Forté’s stance has left advocates confused and frustrated.