Show-Me Progressive Bloggers Demanding Social Media Crackdown

A Missouri prog blog provides just a bit of entertainment that totally isn't prepared for the upcoming insanity of Web3 wherein users start taking control of networks.

Still . . .

It's worth noting that censorship is, in fact, one of the few initiatives that enjoys bipartisan cooperation. 

And so . . . Here's one nightmarish effort to cripple communication technology before it really takes hold:

One major problem with the dominant social media platforms is how they often play loose with the truth and facts, allowing misinformation and disinformation to be posted at will and disseminated instantly.

If there are rules and regulations when it comes to posting false, hateful and destructive content, they are often not enforced until after the unthinkable damage and harm have occurred. Even then the surveillance and enforcement may be sporadic of short-lived.

As voracious consumers of social media, we should be demanding that responsibility and standards be adhered to.

Without such controls and accountability put in place to regulate content and how it is used, social media is easily weaponized and can promote and cause harm among the most vulnerable among us and upon many aspects of our society.

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The destructive power of the 'fifth estate' * Missouri Independent

In today's environment, one could argue that social media has become a primary source of information just as much as the traditional press - regardless of whether the content is reliable or not.

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