Show-Me New Madrid Quake Fear

A glimpse at constant fear for Missouri and the latest geological event that has always captured local attention.

Thankfully the latest quake was outside of the notorious seismic zone but still worth considering . . .

According to the Missouri Department of Public Safety, the New Madrid Seismic Zone is active and averages about 200 measured events per year (magnitude 1.0 or greater). Tremors large enough to be felt (magnitude 2.5 – 3.0) occur annually. On average every 18 months, the fault releases a shock of magnitude 4.0 or greater, which is capable of local minor damage. A magnitude 5.0 or greater occurs about once per decade, can cause significant damage and be felt in several states.

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Another Earthquake Strikes Missouri, the 40th this Month to hit the Eastern Half of the U.S.

Another earthquake rattled southern Missouri early this morning, making it the 40th such earthquake to hit over the last 30 days in the eastern United States. In recent weeks, earthquakes have struck New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Missouri.