Show-Me Guv Parson Rebuking Prez Biden's Marijuana Forgiveness

This move from a former law man isn't surprising but it offers a glimpse at Republican resistance when it comes to giving up this LOSING FIGHT AGAINST WEED IN THE COSTLY AMERICAN DRUG WAR.

Here's his defiant policy stance . . .

"Parson has also been outspoken against a November ballot issue that would amend the Missouri Constitution to legalize recreational marijuana and expunge the records of nonviolent offenders."

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Missouri Gov. Mike Parson doesn't plan to issue blanket pardons for marijuana offenses

While announcing a plan to pardon those with prior federal offenses of simple marijuana possession, President Joe Biden urged governors to follow suit for those convicted of state offenses. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, who has granted clemency to more people than any Missouri governor in the past four decades, doesn't appear ready to heed the president's call.