Show-Me Celebration Of Planned Parenthood Power Move: RV Abortions

Here is what is likely one of the worst indignities confronting women who need help . . .

Enduring an abortion in the back of an RV.

Sadly . . . 

No matter who you blame . . . That's the tragic place to which our divisive discourse had led us:

"The mobile clinic will be outfitted in an RV and will serve patients along the Illinois border and provide the full slate of services usually provided by a brick-and-mortar Planned Parenthood, per a press release."

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Planned Parenthood opening RV clinic to provide abortion services near red states

Planned Parenthood announced plans on Monday to open its first mobile clinic to provide abortion services, launching a program in Illinois to expand its footprint near the state's borders with Missouri and Kentucky. The big picture: Since the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v.