Show-ME Capitol Police Officer Vs. Sen. Hawley: 'He Ran Like A B*tch'

Here at TKC we've always noticed that tough talk typically compensates for a dearth of new ideas, insight and sometimes . . . Intelligence.

And so . . . 

We take these words with a grain of salt and realize that some people will do ANYTHING to sell a book or earn a gig talking on cable news . . . Check-it . . .

Of Hawley, the Missouri senator, Fanone said: “He comes down there, flashes the sign of solidarity, [and] riles up this fucking crowd.”

Hawley was famously pictured raising a fist to protesters – a picture he has used for fundraising purposes.

Fanone continued: “I would’ve had more respect for him if he said, ‘Charge,’ and fucking rushed the first fucking group of police officers that he could possibly fucking find. But he didn’t. He ran like a bitch as fast as he fucking could to the closest safe room in the fucking Capitol building.”

Among other startling footage from the Capitol on January 6, the House committee has shown security video in which Hawley is seen running through the Capitol as the mob breaks in.

Fanone, now an analyst for CNN, said his new mission in life was to “wag[e] a one-man war against Donald Trump and the fucking people that refuse to accept reality”.

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