Show-Me Abortion Attack Adverts Gaining Spotlight Against AG Schmitt

As the midterms approach . . . National media helps to highlight tragic and often horrific circumstances confronting women amid advocacy for "reproductive freedom" . . . BUT we don't know yet if the stories are moving the dial.

Here is one of many . . .

“When my water broke at 17-and-a-half weeks, I found out I was going to lose my daughter, and my Missouri doctors weren’t allowed to give me the care that I needed—all because of the mandate Eric Schmitt put into place,” Farmer says in the ad. “Eric Schmitt doesn’t care about women like me. Imposing a mandate that doesn’t have exceptions for rape, incest, or health of the mother, and it could even send women and doctors to jail. He’s just too extreme.”

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Former 'Pro-Life' Missouri Woman Denied Emergency Abortion Cuts Ad for Democrat

Last week, the Springfield News-Leader the story of a 41-year-old Missouri woman who needed emergency, life-saving abortion care after her water broke 17 weeks into her pregnancy. Because of Missouri's near-total abortion ban, Mylissa Farmer had to travel across state lines.