Shawnee, Kansas Rebukes Trans Athletes?!?

Actually . . . This is important before anybody gets their panties in a bunch . . .


It's a non-binding position statement that will be unread by most of the populace.

Still . . . Here's the bold struggle against empty words on recycled paper . . .

After close to an hour of public comments, councilmembers voted 7-1 in favor of the “Fairness in Women’s Sports” part of a document that stated the city’s position on a wide range of other topics that could be discussed in Topeka and Washington, D.C. in the coming months.

Councilmember Jill Chalfie was the only dissenting vote.

Shawnee is believed to be the first city in Johnson County to take an official stance on the hot-button issue.

The item reads: “The City supports a bill to protect the fairness of women’s sports; we believe that all should have equal opportunities in sports but allowing biological males to compete in women’s only divisions is robbing girls of their opportunities at all levels.”

The city council of Shawnee holds no power over who can participate in school sports, but the item was meant to give city staff guidance in how to represent Shawnee’s position should it come up among state and federal lawmakers, some councilmembers said.

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Shawnee is first JoCo city to take position on transgender sports

SHAWNEE, Kan. (KCTV) - On Monday night, Shawnee became the first city in Johnson County to formally take a position on the issue of transgender athletes competing in women's sports. It was a decision that came with much debate.

Shawnee signals support for banning transgender athletes, despite overwhelming criticism

Shawnee City Council has no control over who participates in school sports, but approved a document that serves as the city's public stance on issues that could arise in state and federal governments. Shawnee is believed to be the first city in Johnson County to take an official stance on the issue.

Shawnee City Council passes agenda item declaring its support of a transgender sports ban

On Monday night, the city council of Shawnee voted and passed 7-1 its Fairness in Girls Sports agenda item. There was a large crowd at the council meeting, and roughly 18 people spoke about the Fairness in Girls Sports item.

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