Shawnee Indian Mission Search For Unmarked Graves Cancelled

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Here are the basics and something more informative than stupid jokes from drunk uncles on the topic:

A study at the Shawnee Indian Mission in Fairway aimed at looking for potential unmarked graves of Native American children is “on hold indefinitely” after Shawnee Tribe officials reportedly raised concerns about the project.

In a joint statement Tuesday, the city of Fairway, which operates the state-owned historic site, and the Kansas Historical Society, said the ground-penetrating radar study would be put on hold.

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Search for unmarked graves at Shawnee Indian Mission halted after criticism from tribe

The Shawnee Tribe said the Kansas Historical Society's planned study of the Fairway boarding school site "was wrong from the start," and was being done without consultation "or even acknowledgement of the cultural sensitivity involved with doing something like searching for the graves of deceased Native children."

Survey of Shawnee Indian Mission grounds on hold

FAIRWAY, Kan. - Work to use radar to search the grounds of the Shawnee Indian Mission will not begin this fall as planned. Kansas Geological Survey researcher and study leader Blair Schneider said the work is on hold indefinitely "to allow for dialogue with and within the Native American community."

Ground penetrating radar study at Shawnee Indian Mission on hold after concerns from Shawnee Tribe

A plan to use ground penetrating radar to search for unmarked graves of Native children at one of the oldest and most significant historical landmarks in the state of Kansas is on hold, according to an email sent Tuesday from the city of Fairway.The hold comes after reporting earlier this