Shawnee Indian Mission Debate Endures

An update on locals coming to terms with history and the ongoing aftermath of an American genocide attempt.

We always expect knee-jerk reactions to an important discussion . . . However . . . More voices in this conversation aren't a bad thing. 

Here's a report that is worth checking out for anybody who REALLY wants to understand the past beyond keyboard warriors sharing their insecurities with the world . . .

"Shawnee Tribe Chief Ben Barnes welcomed a group of more than a dozen people wearing orange shirts, symbolizing a call to action to tell an accurate story of Native American boarding schools including the Shawnee Methodist Mission, which began in 1839 and later became the Shawnee Manual Labor Boarding School, eventually ceasing operation in 1862."

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Shawnee Tribe pushing for more input, direction at Shawnee Indian Mission site

Members of the Shawnee Tribe gathered Friday at the Shawnee Indian Mission at 3403 W. 53rd Street, asking the state of Kansas to allow the tribe to have more input and direction at the national historic landmark.