Serial Killer In Kansas City??? OR Prostitution Has Always Been Risky!!!

More than a couple of AWESOME TKC READERS have baited us into answering a loaded question:


Honestly, that's the least of their worries.

First and foremost . . .  

On the record police have denied an urban activist serial killer story TWICE.

Sadly, more than a few Internets news outlets including NPR are continuing to run with some form of the report and spin controversy into racial drama.

Something to consider . . .

Women who turn to street prostitution are in a state of absolute desperation and their fate is often tragic. 

However . . . 

We haven't noticed any Kansas City activists, pundits or clergy rushing out to help women on the street in order to save them from danger more imminent than the return of Jack The Ripper . . . Like cold, poverty and medical needs. 

Instead . . . It's much easier to craft a mean tweet, TikTok clip or social media allegation. 

Make no mistake . . . 

None of this conversation is going to help women on the street. Instead it only plays into ongoing culture war schlock that's ramping up as midterm elections approach.

Prostitution on Kansas City streets often ends in death. Again, this is a tragic fact. 

NOBODY can say for certain if there is currently a serial killer on local streets. The odds suggest that the answer is yes given the long history of deadly local predators. 

However . . .

The odds also reveal that very few of us are in any real danger. Some stats claim there's a 1 in 645,000 chance of being murdered by a serial killer.

And so we can offer our late night bloggy denizens a bit of confidence on a spooky October eve . . .

So many of the fears lurking on the Internets are imagined and only serve to persuade those with the privilege to allow their imaginations to run wild. 

Sleep well. 

We hope to see you sometime around morning . . . Or maybe noon. 

Developing . . .