Rock Chalk Grave Robber Redux

Apropos for #TBT & spooky October . . . We take a quick peek at a KU controversy involving old school bones, culture war and student activism.

Here's a peek at outcry after KU announced more than than a bit of guilt about their sketchy native studies . . .

Now student groups have put forward a resolution, asking KU administration for "a full explanation as to why ancestral remains were held in the same space as the indigenous studies program without our knowledge."

They also said the school "should hold a public press conference to apologize ... for not disclosing details of native American ancestors being housed in Lippincott [Hall]."

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KU students demand apology for native remains stored on campus

LAWRENCE, Kan. - The University of Kansas' student government is responding after learning that hundreds of Native American remains are still being housed on campus. The school put out a statement announcing plans for continued study of the remains.

University of Kansas returning Native American remains

LAWRENCE, Kan. - The University of Kansas has begun the process of returning Native American remains and other sacred objects that were recently discovered in its museum collections, the university said. University officials said in a statement posted online that "culturally unidentified individual remains," funeral objects and other sacred objects were found in Spooner Hall and Lippincott Hall Annex on the Lawrence campus.

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