Pelvic Exam Consent Sparks Questions In Missouri & Kansas

Via social media . . . We noticed quite a few ladies sounding off over this nightmarish medical permission that doesn't require consent.

Here's more deets on the sietch . . .

Pelvic exams performed on unconscious people without consent remains a gray area that is raising ethical concerns and prompting legislative action. The practice is legal in Kansas and Missouri.

As a warning, this story may be triggering for those who have experienced sexual trauma.

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Without consent: Pelvic exams under anesthesia still happen without patient knowledge

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Imagine being unconscious for a surgery or undergoing a procedure and, without your consent, a doctor-in-training practices an intimate exam using your body. Pelvic and prostate exams are an important part of basic health care - your doctor checking that your reproductive organs are healthy.