Patrick Mahomes Approves Of Kansas City Royals House Cleaning

The Kansas City baller super star attempts to be politic but seems enthusiastic about a great many people getting the ax across the street.

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“Obviously, I liked the staff that they had before — but they want to move in a different direction and kind of invest in those young guys,” Mahomes told reporters on Thursday.

Mahomes said he is “excited for the young guys that they have” — and even though the 2022 season was bleak, he’s optimistic that the Royals can return to their recent glory.

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Part-owner Patrick Mahomes is happy with the Royals' recent changes

When Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes bought an ownership stake in the Kansas City Royals in 2020, many were excited by the idea that some of the Chiefs' winning ways might rub off on the franchise that has struggled to regain its footing after winning the World Series in 2015.