Newsman Blasts KCFD Leadership After 'Negligence' Arbitration Ruling

One of Kansas City's leader newsmen and bloggers offers MUST READ perspective on the aftermath of a deadly crash in Westport.

Whilst we think the "power" of Local 42 is overstated in matters that don't relate to their overtime and compensation . . . The perspective offers a QUINTESSENTIAL glimpse of Kansas City politics and the status quo in action . . .

There’s no better example of the department’s upside-down management than the case of “Fire Apparatus Operator” who killed three people last December after careening into the intersection of Broadway and Westport Road while on a fire run that had been called off.

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If the "chief" ran the department, fire fighter Dominic Biscari would not have been behind the wheel when he killed three people last December

It would be nice to think that Donna Lake, chief of the Kansas City Fire Department since 2019, actually ran the department, wouldn't it? You know, like generals being in charge of armies and c.e.o.s running companies, you'd think the top person at the fire department would actually be in charge.