Newsflash: Dead-Tree Political Endorsements Really Don't Matter

The era of the newspaper was completely over in the 1980s. Now the technology isn't just irrelevant, it might not be worth considering at all. 

Inside word to back up our thesis . . .

In an internal memo earlier this year, leaders of the Gannett newspaper chain noted that editorials were frequently cited as a reason people canceled subscriptions. Surveys said opinion pages were among their least-read content, and tied to problems in credibility and trust.

Some readers have difficulty distinguishing between news and opinion, or flat-out don’t believe that a paper’s editorial stance doesn’t affect its news coverage, said Hunter, whose Iowa newspaper is owned by Gannett.

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Once key, US newspaper editorial endorsements fade away

NEW YORK (AP) - Newspaper endorsements are fading away as prizes to be nabbed by political campaigns, the practice a victim of both the news industry's troubles and the era's bitter politics. Earlier this month, newspapers controlled by Alden Global Capital said they would no longer endorse candidates for president, governor and the U.S.