More Clips Of Violence Against Women In Westport Emerge On Kansas City Internets

We'll talk about them  . . . But we aren't going to show them.

Here's why . . . 

Years ago our blog wanted to try to make KCPS a safer place and so (with student faces digitally blurred) we linked several clips of near riot conditions inside local schools . . . The violence made the news but there wasn't any real change. 

KCPS dismissed the concerns with a cleverly worded press release and the beat downs continue to this day . . . As they have for the past 40 years.

This blog deserves skepticism and challenges regarding our tactics . . . And we don't care if readers believe it or not, we're not doing this for clicks or a quick buck. OBVIOUSLY

We're not above it . . . We've shared fight video before and might do it again. It's just that watching women get smacked around in Kansas City's oldest party district is disheartening for a lot of reasons and not how we want to start our week. Instead, we're rather share the info and our take in order to inform the public but still hold on to a shred of dignity . . . At least until the next set of Lindsey Pelas photos become available.

And so instead of trafficking in fight videos . . . Let's talk about the violence hurting women in Westport as of late . . .

First clip . . .

It's short but brutal . . . It seems as if a woman's date was knocked out and she's scurrying to protect him. Whilst arguing with passersby . . . A man casually punches her in the face and knocks her out. 

Tragically . . . The clip was tagged with ROTFL emoji and it's callous and sad. 

Next up . . . 

It looks like there was another near riot at the Westport Ale House over the weekend. 

Nearly a dozen women were beating one another in a dispute about Elizabethan poetry or whatever. 

It was a hot mess but thankfully security came about two minutes later to break up the fight and, mercifully, put a stop to the narrator doing a very bad impression of Steve Harvey

Again, the clips are floating around social media . . . We don't suggest watching them because they're not good for the soul and might prevent some of us from going out and having a good time like civilized adults. 

Developing . . .