Missouri SecState Stays Winning Against NAACP Voter ID Lawsuit

Show-Me State voting deserves more consideration as midterms approach.

Moments ago, this decision was put on blast by the MO SecState Jay Ashcroft . . .

Judge Jon E. Beetem of the Circuit Court of Cole County granted the motion to dismiss stating “conspicuously absent [from this lawsuit] is any specific factual allegation about any specific human being who is a member of NAACP or LMV and who will be harmed by the photo ID requirement.”

The court further stated the NAACP and LWV “also fail to allege facts to support organizational standing based on proprietary interests.”

“Voting is the foundation of our country,” Ashcroft said.  “It is not only our right but also our responsibility.  Rather than restrict, we believe HB 1878 makes it easier to vote but harder to cheat.”

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Missouri Secretary Of State: Court Dismisses NAACP Lawsuit on Photo ID

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