Missouri & Kansas Stay Losing Teachers

Nightmarish working conditions, micromanaging and nightmare parents are just a few reasons why more people are leaving the teaching profession. 

Meanwhile . . . Sketchy home schools are on the rise as test scores reveal that the recent plague has rendered students just a bit stupider.

Here's more data that will help keyboard pundits blame the other side . . .

"The Government Accountability Office has released a report analyzing the nationwide teacher shortage in the US. The report lists low pay and a growing negative perception of teachers as the top reasons for dropping retention rates within the profession."

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Missouri and Kansas teachers are quitting over lack of pay and respect. It's a nationwide problem

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there's been an increase in teachers leaving the profession. Even after restrictions in the classroom eased nationwide, the problem likely to go away. In a survey conducted by the GAO in January of 2022, 25 percent of teachers said they are considering quitting.