Meth Town Starbucks Barista Seyz He Was Fired For Organizing Union

Throughout this year coffee shop collective bargaining in Kansas City has suffered continual crackdowns and not a lot of sympathy from customers.

Here's one more story of an alleged corporate crackdown as this global chain attempts to thwart a worker revolt . . .

A week after an appearance on FOX4 last month where Independence workers went on strike for the morning, he was notified he was under investigation. He says the investigation was for posting union meeting information flyers in the public area where employees take breaks.

"I had to wait for three weeks walking into every shift believing that I might be fired today," he said.

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Former Independence Starbucks worker claims he was fired for helping organize union

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - A former Independence, Missouri Starbucks barista and shift supervisor filed an unfair labor practice complaint Thursday with the National Labor Relations Board. CJ Miller, 19, says he was fired for helping organize Missouri's first union representing Starbucks employees. Starbucks has faced similar allegations across the country.