Meth Town Fights Over Po-Po COVID Cash

An update on Prez Biden free money and police funding.

Take a peek at a local cash grab that doesn't seem to object to giveaways as much as right-wing leaders would have us believe . . .

Spending decisions proved controversial, with the debate among local officials reaching a boiling point at the city council meeting on October 4, 2021. Council members could not agree on amendments to the $20.3 million spending plan proposed by the city manager.

Municipal budget meetings can be brief and perfunctory — this one was not. It ran twice as long as normal, as council members argued over proposed amendments to reallocate funds for police.

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How Independence spent COVID relief on sniper rifles, tactical helmets and police bonuses

The city of Independence, Missouri, spent $2 million of its ARPA funding on the police department, more than it allocated to any other department or project. The purchases were labeled as "community violence intervention" in its report to the U.S. Treasury.