McRib: Kansas City's Best BBQ???

Think about it rationally for just a second . . .

There's a lot to dislike about local BBQ culture and consumers can enjoy this sammich that not only has an international fanbase but it also available without talking to anybody. In the post-COVID era and ahead of election season. That's likely a win.

Here's a teaser along with a thanks to the BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS for the subject line . . .

McDonald’s says this will be the sandwich’s farewell tour . . .McDonald’s says “get one while you can” and “enjoy our famous pork sandwich as if it’s your last!”

Does this seem slightly threatening to anybody else???

Given that AOC has been predicting doomsday in 12 years and Vlad might soon drop the big one. The tagline is kinda scary yet appropriate for Halloween.

Read more via link . . .

The McRib returns this month, but it could be for the last time

(Gray News) - Fast food giant McDonald's is bringing back its McRib sandwich starting October 31. In a tweet, McDonald's says this will be the sandwich's farewell tour. The sandwich comes with seasoned boneless pork dipped in a tangy BBQ sauce, topped with slivered onions and dill pickles, all served on a toasted homestyle bun.