Leave Brittany Mahomes & Daughter Alone!!!

Actually . . .

We can't help but agree with the baller wife on this topic. 

Her daughter does deserves privacy or at the very least . . . It's her momma's biz if she wants to plaster her daughter on the pages of People magazine and Instagram  BUT doesn't want strangers taking surprise pix. That's her decision not yours.

Accordingly, here's a bit of well-deserved fan chiding that we were going to skip but some of our BEST & BRIGHTEST readers seemed interested . . .

The wife of the Chiefs quarterback shared the disturbing news on social media.

"Informative tweet, Trying to sneakily take pictures of my child at the park is very creepy. Yup that’s the information," she wrote.

Be better, people.

A lack of privacy comes with the territory of being a celebrity, but involving children is stepping over the line, right?

"Y’all doing too much. Let people actually go out and live!! It’s crazy because some of y’all would throw a WHOLE fit if someone took a pic of you against your will, let alone a child. AND sneaking to do it… a bit much," one fan wrote.

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