KCPD Interim Chief On Serial Killer Urban Legend: Rumors Are Not True

Once again we remind our readers in the urban core and throughout the metro . . . There are far greater dangers in this cowtown than silly people spreading gossip about Jack the Ripper and/or the over-exaggerated threat of sex dungeons confronting most Black women. 

And so . . .

For this exceptionally spooky Halloween season we're highlighting a CRITICAL QUOTE  . . . For those keeping track . . . This if the FOURTH TIME that local law enforcement has denied the rumors propagated by way of social media garbage and activist hacks getting paid by way of grant money & constant begging misguided followers . . .

Interim KCPD Chief Mabin also said he's working with the missing persons and homicide units in KCPD and those departments said there's no missing person reports.

"We hear you loud and clear,” Mabin said. “We feel your anger. We understand why you would be upset; however, these rumors are not true."

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Kansas City police address concerns, rumors of missing Black women

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri police are addressing the community's concerns on missing Black women. A few weeks ago, police said stories that a serial killer was targeting Black women were false, but weeks later a Black woman was the victim of a man charged with holding her captive and abusing her in his Excelsior Springs home.