Kansas Trucking Missouri Water Amid Worsening Climate Change Drought

Actually . . . The Ogallala Aquifer drying up can't be TOTALLY blamed on the sky falling. Farmers draining it without restraint is a big part of the problem. 

Now, take a peek at conservation efforts that are disputed and extend across the region . . .

"Hope with the effort to truck water is to prove that transferring water from where it’s more plentiful or where an area has become flooded is feasible. One such idea is known as the Kansas Aqueduct, which would pump water uphill from the Missouri River at Kansas’ eastern border to western Kansas."

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Officials plan to truck 6,000 gallons of water from Missouri River across Kansas - Kansas Reflector

An agency charged with conserving groundwater in arid western Kansas plans to truck thousands of gallons of water from the Missouri River nearly 400 miles almost to the Colorado border. Half of the 6,000 gallons drawn from the river will be poured onto a property in Wichita County.