Kansas Progressives Refute Halloween Rainbow Fentanyl Fear

Actually . . .

Trevor Noah took apart this recent news story much more effectively in a satirical rant.

Here's a not-so-fun perspective from a local prog blog  . . .

Often there is a kernel of truth to these fears. Certainly fentanyl is a dangerous drug. But American history can be read as a long line of fears about witches, immigrants, drugs, conspirators and so on. These fears emerge as reflections of current social changes. Yes, things are always changing, and this can always frighten some people. But it is also true that, in retrospect, these fears are usually exaggerated.

What seems new about describing rainbow fentanyl as a Halloween danger is the willingness of important political figures and news media outlets to spread the warnings. Most past claims about Halloween sadism lack such prominent spokespeople.

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'Rainbow fentanyl' just the latest example of bogus Halloween drug scares - Kansas Reflector

Every year around the middle of October, reporters start contacting me wanting to talk about rumors of contaminated Halloween treats. That's because I track media coverage of reported incidents of trick-or-treaters receiving razor blades in apples, or pins and poison in candy bars.