Kansas Fears Insurrection Part Deux?!?

Amid a few close elections in play . . . 

Local scribes worry about upcoming election debate amid worsening political divisions. 

This is likely a valid concern that might or might not consider that most people don't vote.

Check the premise . . .

While Kansas politics can be fractious, the state’s elections have mostly run smoothly in the 130 years since: One side wins, the other side loses, and everybody moves on until the next election.

But what if that wasn’t the case?

In post-Jan. 6 America, conspiracy theories and a reluctance to accept official election results have become commonplace. And it’s not just national elections – state and local elections across the country have come under fire. Kansas is no exception.

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How a 'stop the steal' could roil Kansas elections

A growing reluctance to accept official election results threatens to make the end of election season in Kansas more chaotic than it's been in 130 years. Here's what a worst-case scenario would look like and the perfect storm that could make it happen. In 1892, Kansas held a legislative election - and both sides claimed victory.