Kansas City Vaporware Promise: Upcoming South Loop Park Isn't Just For Hobos

If this project ever really happens . . .TKC promises to take a month off and just post comedy videos in my absence . . . Everybody wins!!!

Accordingly, here's a bad idea that continues to be reported without any critical questions or voter consent . . . Check-it . . .

Capping a four-block stretch of Interstate 670 "will change the context of Downtown and of our city," said Jon Stephens, CEO of the Port Authority of Kansas City.

"It is an active reclamation of space for all," he said Wednesday at a presentation organized by the KC Downtowners at the Kansas City Public Library. "This is not about just the people that live in apartments Downtown; this is not about people that work Downtown. This is about a place to gather and celebrate throughout Kansas City."

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Port KC CEO talks next steps for building, funding I-670 cap on South Loop - Kansas City Business Journal

The project aims to serve as a connector between the Crossroads Arts District and the area inside the Downtown Loop, replacing a dividing trench with a four-block park. But getting there won't be like developing any other green space, Port KC CEO Jon Stephens says in outlining the development's next steps.