Kansas City Turnaround: Locals Hype Coming Out Day & Prez Biden's Many Crackdowns

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Accommodating Disaster Doggies

Wayside Waifs takes in shelter dogs from Puerto Rico displaced by Hurricane Fiona

Kansas City animal shelter Wayside Waifs has helped rescue 28 dogs from the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico. The animals were flown to Kansas City late Monday after being displaced from their shelters in the US territory.

Activist Shares Life Story

LGBTQIA+ community members reflect on struggles, triumphs of coming out

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - National Coming Out Day was founded in 1988 as a way to raise awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community and its civil rights movement. October 11th was chosen to commemorate the anniversary of the National March on Washington for lesbian and gay rights.

Clap Back Fashioned

NYC mayor receives Kansas jersey from Big 12 after 'brand' comment

LAWRENCE, Kan. - New York City Mayor Eric Adams has seemingly made amends with the state of Kansas. The mayor who famously said, " Kansas doesn't have a brand," received a University of Kansas football jersey from the Big 12 with his name on it.

Show-Me Autumn Crash Prep

What to do if you hit a deer with your vehicle in Missouri

Missouri ranks 14th in the country for potential vehicle/animal collisions MISSOURI - Because of wild animal movement in the fall, it is not uncommon to see more dead deer and other wildlife along the nearly 34,000 miles of state roads.

Injury Aftermath

Chiefs defensive tackle Tershawn Wharton tears ACL in win over the Raiders

um As far as the injuries go. Warton uh Tour his ***. C. L. His left knee, Cook had *** concussion. Uh Clark was sick, Lammens hurt his right hip came out and Fenton head cramps came out. Um Listen what what *** good win um What *** good win to get um Against *** rival.

Hottie Works The Crowd

How Kimberley Garner Built Her Swimwear Business On Social Media

"If you want to resort to a social media profile to begin your business, you can set up an online store, or become an influencer and creator. While most people term these as 'five-minute success stories', what you should know is that it needs to be treated as a job."

Prez Sums Up Vlad

Biden says Putin 'totally miscalculated' by invading Ukraine but is a 'rational actor' | CNN Politics

President Joe Biden said in an exclusive CNN interview Tuesday he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin is a "rational actor" who nonetheless badly misjudged his ability to invade Ukraine and suppress its people.

White House Vs. Council???

Biden calls for LA City Council members caught on tape making racist remarks to step down

President Biden has called on embattled Los Angeles Councilwoman Nury Martinez and other council members present when she made racist remarks to step down, the White House said. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Biden believes "they all should" resign in light of the Martinez's comments where she called a colleague's young black son "that little monkey" in Spanish.

Private Message Misstep???

Fox News Airs Joe Biden's Loving Voicemail to Hunter, Sparks Backlash

In the 2018 voicemail, Joe Biden tells Hunter Biden that he loves him and wants to see him get help, presumably for his past substance abuse issues. Sean Hannity treated the message as scandalous, but viewers saw it as an example of supportive fathering

Free Money Request Debuts

White House unveils application form for Biden's student debt relief

The application that officials previewed for reporters contains only a handful of questions that seek basic information about borrowers: name, social security number, date of birth, phone number and email address. Borrowers are required to check a box that "certifies under penalty of perjury" that they meet the income threshold for the debt relief program.

Blue State Stumble

NBC News Correspondent Admits John Fetterman 'Had A Hard time Understanding' Conversation

NBC News correspondent Dasha Burns told MSNBC Tuesday that Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman had difficulty understanding her questions during an interview. Burns said the production team had to set up a monitor in order for Fetterman to read her questions during an NBC News exclusive interview.

Living Space Equity Debated

Did you buy a house before 2022? If the answer is 'no,' you will likely be on the wrong end of financial inequality over the next decade - here's why

If you bought a house before 2022, then you should count yourself among the fortunate. The rise in mortgage rates coupled with still steep housing prices in most markets is quickly putting housing affordability out of reach for many.

Russkies On The Move

Missiles hit Ukrainian city, alarms elsewhere keep up fear

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) - A new round of missile attacks struck the southern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia Tuesday, as the death toll from the previous day's widespread Russian missile barrage across Ukraine rose to 19. Missiles struck a school, a medical facility and residential buildings in Zaporizhzhia, city council secretary Anatoliy Kurtev said.

Nobody Wants New Vaxx

The US's estimate for uptake of the new covid booster was off by more than 90%

The US government prepared well for its fall covid vaccination campaign. At the end of July, it placed an order for 105 million doses of Pfizer omicron-specific boosters (also known as bivalent, as they protect against the broader covid virus as well as the omicron variant).

Curtain Call For Icon

Angela Lansbury, 'Murder, She Wrote' and 'Beauty and the Beast' star, dies at 96

Angela Lansbury, a versatile actor who wowed generations of fans as a murderous baker, a singing teapot, a Soviet spy and small-town sleuth among a host of other memorial roles, died on Tuesday, her family announced. She was 96.

Save The Date For King Chuck

King Charles III's coronation to take place on 6 May 2023

The coronation of King Charles III will take place on Saturday 6 May 2023 at Westminster Abbey, with the ceremony reflecting the modern-day role of the monarchy, it has been announced. The King and Queen Consort will be crowned in a service that will retain some historical elements of past coronations but also recognise the spirit of the times.

Kansas City Brit Brew Debuts

Boulevard resurrects a much-missed English pub ale after 20 years

Twenty years later, Tenpenny is back in Boulevard's seasonal mixed pack, offered alongside a thematically appropriate milk stout, single Belgian abbey ale, and the original Space Camper-which at this point feels like a throwback.

Rolling In Waldo

Bicycle Depot in Waldo-Ready for All Area Cyclists

So often in Brookside and Waldo, you'll patronize a business that you can really feel the owner has a passion for: think of our local restaurants like Plate and Bella Napoli, or Brady and Fox; SKINKC, locally made chemical free products for your body; SOAP Refill Station creates ecofriendly cleaning products that uses recycled containers.

Tacos For East Side . . .

Tiki Taco plans grand opening on Troost - Kansas City Business Journal

Locally owned Tiki Taco is nearing the grand opening of its second area location in Kansas City. The new location, at 5400 Troost Ave., debuts on Oct. 17. It will offer a burrito- and taco-heavy menu that draws inspiration from Mexico and California, but also from Polynesia and Thailand.

Foodie Questions Asked & Answered

Four Inane Questions with Fox 4 KC reporter Matt Stewart

Matt Stewart poses with his new book. // COurtesy Matt Stewart Matt Stewart is all about work anniversaries this year. Besides hitting the 25-year mark as a TV newsie, he just celebrated his 10th anniversary as part of Fox 4's insanely popular morning news squad.

Soggy Midweek Predicted

Much-needed storms coming early Wednesday


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