Kansas City Teacher Shortage Crisis Cont'd

Local teachers are constantly confronted with:

- Horrible pay.

- Constant disrespect from students AND parents. 

- Politicized micromanagement. 

- No matter what you think about COVID . . . Cold & Flu season risk from germ-y youngters.

And so . . .

There is a local shortage and fewer workers willing to accept the challenges of this vocation. 

Here's one more example . . .

"KCK is not the only district looking to beef up its staff. North Kansas City has 89 open positions that need to be filled."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Two months into the school year, districts are still looking to fill open positions

More than two months into the school year, many districts are still looking to fill positions.Local administrators say jobs are open and incentives are being offered.You might not see the help wanted sign hanging in front of the building, but from the classroom to the cafeteria, help is needed in the Kansas City Kansas School District."If someone is absent for the day unexpectedly, our kiddos still need their food," Cynthia Fulks, KCK's Assistant Director of HR, said.