Kansas City Tax Fighters Ask Mayor & Council For Additional Inflation Relief

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Mayor & Council sought to reduce gas bills for local consumers . . .

Accordingly, tax fighters send this message on the topic of an even more ominous threat confronting local homeowners . . . Here's the word . . .

CFRG: Property Tax Increase

Dear Mayor and Council Members,

We were please to see last week you passed the ‘NATURAL GAS RESOLUTION” in the best interest of your constituents. We believe your reasoning is spot on: this increase “poses a risk to Kansas City residents and consumers at a time when they already face increased rates of inflation and energy burden”.  We are glad you asked the State Public Service Commission to “carefully consider” the case, “in light of…the potential harm to Kansas Citians.”

Our question is this:  Where is the letter to Jackson County Government on the proposed AVERAGE 45% to 50% property tax increase for Jackson County residents?  We realize some of you do not represent Jackson County residents but you should all be appalled by this. Some homeowners could see a 60% increase in their property taxes.  This will be far more devastating than the SPIRE increase.


*  What is this money to be used for?  usual answer… infrastructure.  We submit .. Isn’t that what the “GO BOND” money was for?   What about the ‘Earnings Tax”.  
*  Is this money going to be used to move our sports stadiums downtown??  Are some in County government posturing for cushy jobs after they are out of public office?
* Just what is going on here? Show us where the money is going.

If you think this is a myth,  Jackson County has hired over 100 new people in the assessors office.  They used to have 4.  They have spent million$ of dollar$ with an outside company, Tyler Technologies of Plano, TX,  to do the new assessments.  

Only one person we know of is on record to oppose this tax initiative.  He is John Murphy.  John is running for the Jackson County Legislature, 2nd district at large.  You can learn about John at www.go-murph-go.com or on Facebook: John Murphy for Jackson County.

We need our elected representatives, our City Council, to stand up and take issue with this unreasonable tax.  Can we count on you?  John needs your help!  We’ll be watching!    

Thank you for your consideration;

Citizens For Responsible Government

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