Kansas City Talker Pete Mundo Promises Nude Run If NYT Polling Proves Correct

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Amanda Adkins, Republican nominee for Congress in Kansas’ Third District, spoke out against a poll released by the New York Times last night in a desperate attempt to depress momentum as the race for KS-03 remains in a dead heat with only days until the election.

“Nancy Pelosi’s Super PAC wouldn’t be spending millions in a last ditch effort to save Davids if these numbers were even close to accurate,” Adkins stated yesterday. “What accurate polling would tell you is that Davids’ votes for Biden’s disastrous economic policies are costing families over $8,700 more this year, and that will be top of mind to voters as they go into the voting booth on November 8th.”

Kansas pundits also refuted the accuracy of the poll: “Nobody I know thinks the #KS03 is a 14-point race,” tweeted KMBC anchor Kris Ketz. Even The Kansas City Star quoted a Democrat strategist: “I don’t know what model the Times is using but this is going to be a very tight race. Our polls show it's a true toss-up at this point.” Given Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC’s recent $650,000 investment, it appears they do not feel a win for Davids is guaranteed.

This poll is the latest deceptive tactic used by the Democrats in an attempt to move the needle in what FiveThirtyEight still ranked a toss up race yesterday before the poll was released. For months, Davids has been lying about Adkins’ position on abortion as well as her involvement in the Kansas legislature’s education policy making. Groups supporting Davids have also lied about a bipartisan bill she helped pass which would have given patients ownership of their records and data, and they have even propped up a third party candidate to trick voters right before election day.

Despite the New York Times claiming that voters do not care about the economy and that they favor Davids, polls across the country have shown that the economy is the top issue leading up to the midterms and that Republicans are on the rise on the generic ballot. The economic suffering and public safety issues currently affecting Kansas families cannot be ignored.  These disasters have no other cause than Biden’s failed policies - which Davids supports one hundred percent of the time - and even the poll admits that fifty one percent of Kansans somewhat or strongly disapprove of Biden. Fortunately, Kansans will elect a new congresswoman in twelve days who will vote for Kansans, not party leadership, and work to solve the issues impacting KS-03.  

Adkins spoke to voters via Facebook LIVE this morning about the debates, upcoming campaign stops this weekend, and the growing momentum. A recording of the LIVE can be viewed here.  


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