Kansas City South Side Struggles Amid Homeless Crisis & Fears Temp Housing Solution

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This public safety warning offers us insight into the South side struggle against homeless camp sites.

Even worse . . . 

Reading the note there's obvious fear about any "solution" that KCMO might devise.

The letter is a little rough but worth a peek given that it provides a preview of Mayor Q's 2nd term plans:

Current $100 Bounty to beat up a woman in Indian Creek, Fox 4, Fire under Wornall Bridge and Sat. Clean up reminder

We wanted to send out some happenings in the area this week as well as remind everyone of our planned clean up this Sat. 8:00am to noon.    We will meet in the old Coach’s parking lot and start under the Wornall Bridge and continue along the streets and creek until noon.    Parks and Rec has agreed they will pick up our pile on Monday so we will see how this one goes and then plan more in the future.

Also some of you may not know that Tue night there was another  fire under the bridge around 10pm.    The Fire dept. was called and as usual the Vagrant left the area once they probably heard it on the scanner and left the fire burn out of control.   The next day in checking on the fire damage Matt found the writing on the bridge walls that currently states there is a $100 bounty for a homeless woman to be beat up.   I attached the details that I just posted on Nextdoor this morning since as we continue to discuss  and work on the issues education is key understanding the vagrant situation and one can only hope as people see where they money is actually going they may think before they so quickly give money to the vagrants on the corners. 


We have also alerted South Patrol about the bounty and the ATV’s will be back out again this week through the area and they will continue their patrols of the trails since that seems to be making a difference with the heightened patrols.

Also this morning Matt met with Kathy Quinn of Fox 4.   His interview will be on air tomorrow and the discussion was over the trash debris and our frustration with the city.  As Matt said they city claims to have a new Zero Homeless in 5 year plan but yet they have failed to relocate even one person in 10 months.   So be sure to tune tomorrow morning to Fox 4 to see how the media treats the story and for the Mayor’s office reaction.

Some of you may have also noticed there is activity by the city in the Old Coach’s lot.   A gravel strip and pad has been laid down the middle of the finally nice green space and we are currently trying to find out what is going on.  Parks and Rec has zero idea and we have reached out to the city. Once we find out we will let everyone know since with no one having any idea what is going on and there was no discussion at last weeks Center Planning or was the location listed any recent city agenda’s our current fears are the highly talked about pallet homes and hygiene station locations.  Water dept. claims ownership of this lot and we have checked their web site as well. As soon as we get answers, we will keep you posted but if anyone already know please update us all.  

We hope everyone has a great day today and we hope to see as many of you on Saturday if you, your family or staff can come out to assist.   Please keep us posted on any activity you witness or that effects your businesses so we can all work together to keep our area safe as well as not lose any bridge access.  


Developing . . .