Kansas City Satanic Temple Proudly Supports Progressive Agenda

Of course they do.

In fact, Satanic support for progressive issues is prominent and well-publicized, much to the chagrin of most progressives attempting to scrounge votes in the traditionally conservative Heartland.

Here's the story from an otherwise unsurprising and hackneyed hipster mag profile . . . 

"Far from being the demonic doomsday cult that its critics imagine, The Satanic Temple (TST) is a non-theistic religion that provides empowerment and community. It welcomes members from all backgrounds to assert their religious rights and bodily autonomy."

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Devil May Care: Satanic Temple's KC legion builds community, supports bodily autonomy

In Missouri, there are four branches—or Legions—of the Temple: Kansas City, Mid-Missouri, Springfield/Ozarks, and St. Louis. Kansas City Legion’s Vice Commissioner VRap (who operates under a Satanym) has been a member of TST for two years.