Kansas City Runs Out Of Cash & Needs Help As Inflation Worsens

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More Kansas City residents are forced to reach out for help paying their bills and prices continue to spiral out of control.

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“We've seen people who have never had to apply for this type of assistance before,” Evergy customer service team manager Maria Lopez said. Kansas City's primary power provider has an energy assistance program that has seen a spike in calls for help.

Energy is just one of the many areas where people need assistance. From food to rent, people are having trouble just keeping their heads above water during these challenging times.

People are paying 11 percent more for food compared to a year ago, and gas prices are up 18 percent in the same time frame.

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With food and energy costs up, Kansas Citians are looking for assistance

The impact of the economy is being felt throughout the Kansas City metro.The cost of power is on the list of things that continue to cost more. The days of getting a gallon of gas for the change in your pocket feel long gone.

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