Kansas City Royals Must Forget World Series Past & Work Farm System

The glory days are gone and one of the best sports mags out there offers important advice for the home team and fans.

Here's a look at a floundering part of the organization that's not actively working on a downtown stadium . . .

"With the firing of Dayton Moore, the Royals officially moved on to the next chapter in the franchise's history. This means that the 2014 and 2015 teams will no longer be relevant when discussing this team's future outlook, which should be good. What's less than ideal, however, is that the Royals now possess one of the lowest-graded farm systems in all of baseball."

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The Royals Find Themselves at a Minor League Crossroads

At the end of the season, we looked at the Kansas City Royals' failure to meet expectations when it came to success this year at the major league level. Now it's time to take a look at the ugliness that is the current state of their farm system.