Kansas City 'Right-To-Counsel' Progress Report: Thousands Earn Taxpayer-Subsidized Freebies

Fun fact that's not-often reported . . . Many lucky souls who can navigate this system successfully might also earn a bit more subsidy by way of 12th & Oak largess ahead of reelection time.

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"Since opening in June, more tenants are receiving legal representation, leading to better outcomes that avoid eviction and keep tenants in their homes."

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In just 3 months, Kansas City's right-to-counsel program has helped nearly 400 tenants

On a cool Thursday afternoon in late September, Chris Ward finds himself on the seventh floor of the Jackson County Courthouse. Sitting on a hard wooden bench outside the courtroom doors, he's feeling stressed. "I don't know what's going on because I'm confused," he says. "This is a complicated process."