Kansas City Politricks: Gen-Z Chatter, Drag Show Postgame & Po-Po Cash

We're still experimenting with a digest for news items that are OBVIOUSLY PARTISAN but still worth considering. 

Moreover . . . This is compilation is comprised mostly from local outlets that are donation-based, supported mostly for their political stance and/or an overtly political report we pulled from MSM outlets.

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Training NextGen Hacks

Young Panelists Discuss the Politics of Gen Z

Folks of all ages gathered Tuesday evening to ponder the politics of Generation Z. The KC Media Collective hosted "The Politics of Generation Z," a panel discussion moderated by Celisa Calacal of KCUR 89.3 in Pierson Auditorium on the campus of the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Ironic: Prog Blog Disputes Drag Show Play For Play

Unsolicited text messages amplify Derek Schmidt's lies about Kansas drag show - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Derek Schmidt's lies about a nonexistent connection between Gov. Laura Kelly and a Wichita drag show are being amplified through unsolicited text messages to Kansas voters. Schmidt, the GOP candidate for governor, has used a false story from a U.K. tabloid to attack his Democratic rival as their bitter campaign enters the final two-week stretch.

Rock Chalk COVID Cray

One in two Kansans' mental health impacted since pandemic, poll kinds - KLC Journal

That's according to a new poll by Fort Hays State University's Docking Institute of Public Affairs. Half of those surveyed also said their family's mental health has been affected since the pandemic.

Newspaper Vs. Sheriff Yet Again

Johnson County Sheriff's Office deletes misinformation about ballot question after backlash

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office says a post spreading false information about a constitutional amendment Kansans will vote on next month was a mistake. Two constitutional amendments are on midterm election ballots for all Kansans. One would add language to the state's founding document requiring that sheriffs across the state be elected.

Rock Chalk Progressive Winning???

Kansas voters say they want to expand Medicaid, protect abortion and ban transgender athletes

By an overwhelming margin, Kansans want to expand Medicaid and to keep their existing abortion rights. They support tighter gun control than the state has on the books and they'd prohibit someone designated as a boy at birth from competing in girls sports.

Arguing Drives Locals Away???

1 in 5 Kansans plan to move away - soon. Drop fake fights over drag queens and get real

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Do Kansans want to stay in Kansas? Can they? Most of us probably will. The new "Kansas Speaks" survey from Fort Hays State University reveals that roughly two-thirds of Kansans expect to be living in the same community five years from now - and that another 13% expect to be living someplace else within the state.

Sunflower State Pocketbook Debate

Kansas Gov. Kelly touts economy in reelection bid as Republicans blame her for inflation

TOPEKA, Kansas - Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly is hoping Kansans don't have a short memory. She is betting her reelection chances on her ability to convince voters the state was in disarray just before she took office four years ago.

Show-Me Po-Po Talk

Missouri voters to decide if the state can dictate increased Kansas City police funding * Missouri Independent

If Missouri voters approve Amendment 4 in the Nov. 8 general election, Kansas City will be required to increase funding for its police department. But many voters may not understand that from the language they'll see on the ballot.

GOP Progress In The Dotte???

A Kansas Democratic stronghold is up for grabs for the first time in 28 years. Can a Republican win?

Drive down Quindaro Boulevard through Kansas City, Kansas, and you'll see a series of dilapidated storefronts and small, single-family homes. The roads and sidewalks are chipped from years without maintenance and signs for businesses that have long-since closed dot the streets.

Right-Wing Fears Treats

Halloween warning: Beware rainbow fentanyl pills hidden in candy boxes

(The Center Square) - From coast to coast - from California to New York, from Texas to Florida - law enforcement officers are warning parents about rainbow fentanyl pills being hidden in candy boxes ahead of Halloween. The pills look like candy but are laced with illicit fentanyl intended to kill children and others who ingest them.

Campaign Against White House

Republican Derek Schmidt aims his campaign for governor on inflation, schools and Joe Biden

SHAWNEE, Kansas - When Derek Schmidt looks at Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly, he sees Joe Biden. The Republican state attorney general argues to voters that if they're fed up with inflation, they should elect him as governor and toss Kelly out.

Rock Chalk Vs. Discourse

KU Law school says ADF discussion of the First Amendment is 'hate speech' - The Sentinel

Last week the University of Kansas student chapter of the invited the senior counsel and director of strategic engagement at the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), to speak to KU Law students about the First Amendment's Establishment Clause.

TV News Election Rundown

CLOSER LOOK: KMBC takes a look at the races and issues on the November ballot

As the Midterm Election approaches, KMBC 9 News is taking a closer look at the races and issues on the ballot in November that will affect communities in Missouri and Kansas.

Show-Me KC Voting On Police

Amendment 4 driving voters to polls for Missouri's no-excuse absentee voting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The amount of police funding a Missouri city is required to provide is on November's ballot. Amendment 4 ask Missouri voters if the state constitution should be amended to increase the minimum funding for a police force.

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