Kansas City Plans More Bike Lane Blockades

Bike lanes will continue to proliferate across Kansas City if some local politicos & bureaucrats get their way. 

To be fair . . .

Credit to city hall for at least acknowledging that bike lanes are intended slow traffic and decrease street efficiency for people who actually have somewhere to go.

Here's a peek at the plan . . .

The goal is for the city to keep installing about 15 new miles of bike lanes every year for the next five years, changing entire parts of the city.

"[Bike lanes] change the tone because it slows cars down, it makes people realize that there are people walking, and shopping, and biking around here," said Kansas City Public Works Chief Mobility Officer Bailey Waters. "It's a place to be it's not a place to go through or to speed through."

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Kansas City, BikeWalkKC celebrates 30+ miles of bike lanes in 2 years

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City and BikeWalkKC are celebrating installing more than 30 miles of bike lanes over the past two years. Elected leaders and city personnel toured some of those lanes around downtown on RideKC pedal-assist bikes.