Kansas City-Omaha Kings Well-Remembered

For fans of local sports . . . We found an IMPRESSIVE bit of nostalgia that deserves a read for those who want to understand how sports plays a part in a town's history. 

As our two pro-sports franchises might soon be on the move . . . We take note of an Omaha writer and remember a franchise that traveled across the Midwest before settling in Cali.

Check-it . . .

When the Royals decided to move to KC in 1972, they needed an alternate city. Kansas City’s auditorium wasn’t available for all 41 dates.

That’s how the Kings came to Omaha.

The Kings did well in Omaha, averaging 5,159 in their three years. In February 1975, a record 9,728 saw the Kings play Boston.

By then, KC’s new Kemper Arena had opened in 1974-75 and the Kings said goodbye to Omaha. They were here temporarily until Kemper was built.

As a gesture, the Kings agreed to play six games in Omaha if the city could sell 3,000 tickets to each game. That arrangement lasted until 1978.

Six years later, in 1984, and with NBA popularity on the verge of exploding, the Kings left Kansas City for Sacramento.

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Shatel: Reminiscing on Kansas City-Omaha's defunct NBA franchise 50 years later

My Kings story doesn't take place at 19th and Capitol. Or the Crossroads Mall, where Tiny Archibald went shopping one time. My Kings story unfolded in Kansas City, Mo., in the fall of 1972, my ninth grade year. It was the day my dad came home and said, "Guess what I got today?"