Kansas City Needs More Organ Donors And/Or Motorcycle Stunt Riders

Medical miracles are possible nowadays . . . But not without some poor soul on the losing end.

TKC's stupid solution . . . Encouraging people to "live their best lives" by way of motorcycle tricks AFTER they fill out that all important organ donor card and hopefully don't damage or hurt other innocent motorists. 

On a much more serious note . . .

Here's a glimpse at new rules that hurt locals waiting for cures . . .

“Finding new ways of dividing up that pie or sharing organs is just an incomplete measure,” said Dr. Ryan Taylor with the University of Kansas Health System. “We need to find ways to actually increase the number of transplants and are available organs, so patients get that chance.

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New rules for liver donations leave patients in the Midwest left waiting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Gary Gray is retired and enjoys camping and playing the banjo. There are countless other things he'd like to do-but he can't. He's exhausted much of the time and must rely on others to drive him where he wants to go.