Kansas City Mayor Q Against Anti-China Adverts & Election Season Sentiment

A recent election season note from our KCMO 12th & Oak honcho deserves a peek if only because it claps back against recent Democratic Party adverts

Here's the word and something to consider as we talk about the increasing odds that the Trudy Busch Valentine ticket could help to make the Missouri Democratic Party completely irrelevant for the next 2 years . . . Or at least, EVEN MORE irrelevant than their current super-minority party status . . . Check the Mayor's social media statement . . .

"I’m just one guy who sees political ads on Sunday mornings, but the anti-China thing starts after a while to seem more offensive to our sisters and brothers of Chinese descent than anything resembling actual political debate. In an era where we’re seeing rising hate, I’d take a different tack.

"Maybe polls say folks around here really hate “China,” but I just don’t play with villainizing whole countries/people, particular where there’s growing hate against AAPI communities."

You decide . . .