Kansas City, Kansas Archbishop Denounces Prez Biden Ahead Of Midterms

In a scathing critique of leadership, policy and agenda . . . Kansas City, Kansas Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann hopes to inspire local Catholics and voters of all faiths into action by way of their vote.

Agree or disagree with faith leaders delving into politics, here's the word that's apropos for Sunday . . .

"In my opinion, what should concern us most is the moral breakdown of our society, where sexual freedom is considered the supreme good, the killing of our own children a sacred right, and the abolition of marriage and family viewed as cultural progress. 

"I do agree with President Biden on at least one issue. I believe that we are in a battle for the soul of our nation. Unfortunately, the president is fighting for the wrong side."

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Help reverse the moral breakdown of our society with your vote - The Leaven Catholic Newspaper

by Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann Earlier this month, President Biden stated that his number one legislative priority for 2023 was a federal law that would make it legal to kill unborn children in all 50 states. A few days later, President Biden expressed support for federal funding for anyone needing to take off work to procure an abortion.