Kansas City 'House Manager' Earns $45K As Local Servant Class Rises

This local career note is worth a peek if only because it offers an important glimpse at changing time. 

Our perspective . . .

This is what the fading American middle-class looks like . . . Jobs with any hope of upward mobility disappear but, on the bright side, the servant class is making more money given that the wealthy now have enough cash to hire white people.

Here's a more optimistic take . . .

"A house manager, though she half jokingly refers to herself as an estate manager, because of the breadth of her responsibilities. She, along with a small support staff, cooks, cleans, books appointments, handles home repairs, and manages the lives of a family of four that includes two small children and their parents, both doctors with very demanding schedules."

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The life of a 27-year-old house manager who makes $45K a year

Tessa Reed wakes up before sunrise on weekdays, long before most people even hit the snooze button for the first time. She leaves the one-bedroom apartment she shares with her boyfriend and their cat, and drives roughly two miles from Midtown Kansas City, Mo., to a five-bedroom house in the more affluent South Plaza neighborhood.