Kansas City Homicide Suspect Accused Of Killing Victim With AR-15 In Game Of UNO

Call this one overkill or . . .

The very worst celebration of Hispanic Heritage month we've seen so far.

Here are the basics in a tragic bit of local crime reporting . . .

During a round of Drunk Uno, the VICTIM got up to go to the bathroom and left his cards facing upward. When THE SUSPECT made a comment about the cards being face-up, a witness said everyone laughed.

According to the court document, THE SUSPECT then picked up the cards, crumpled them and grabbed his AR-15. A witness said THE SUSPECT then shot the victm. The witness was in the bathroom at the time but heard gunshots from the other room.

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Kansas City man accused of shooting, killing cousin over dispute while playing Uno card game

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - A Kansas City, Missouri, man was charged Monday for allegedly fatally shooting his cousin after a tense moment while playing the card game Uno. Jordan Huff, 28, is facing second-degree murder and armed criminal action charges.