Kansas City Hipsters (Almost) Explain Missouri Weed Amendment 3

Forgive the nostalgia but when it comes to the time honored tradition of covering stoner issues. Per ushe, we turn to The Pitch. 

And today, thankfully, they don't disappoint.

The overview . . .

"While the most obvious outcome of this vote will be the legalization—or continued criminalization— of recreational marijuana, provided here is a list of implications and issues on this vote that have both Republicans, Democrats, and even cannabis advocates divided on the issue."

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The Pitch's guide to Missouri's Amendment 3 and its vision for recreational marijuana

Adobe Stock Missourians vote on Amendment 3 to legalize recreational marijuana on Nov. 8. With Election Day so close, and early ballots already open, both recreational marijuana advocates and critics are asking voters to appropriately inform themselves on the issue before voting.