Kansas City Friday News Look: Local Fire Danger, Historic MAGA & Adult Industry Values

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Burn Notice Sent To Locals

National Weather Service says Kansas City in high fire weather danger from noon to 7 p.m. Friday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning, advising large portions of Kansas and Missouri, including the Kansas City area, not to burn in open areas. According to the organization's , the warning will be in effect from 12 to 7 p.m.

Everybody Loves Free Money

Kansas City leaders say right to counsel program a success

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Four months after a new program aimed at cutting down on evictions in Kansas City kicked in, city leaders are calling it a success. The right to legal counsel program making sure everybody who needs a lawyer when facing eviction has one.

Courthouse Dries Up

Drought causing urban farm to lose thousands

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Farmers in Kansas City continue to feel the impact of the ongoing drought. The latest drought monitor map, released Oct. 13, shows Jackson County is currently in the extreme drought category, with all of Missouri experiencing a similar trend.

JoCo Preps For Inferno

Olathe Fire Department adds extra staffers because of red flag warning

The Olathe Fire Department has increased their staffing because of a red flag warning thanks to the windy conditions in our area. A red flag warning means the weather conditions increase the risk of fire danger. "There's plenty of stuff out there that can burn. A lot of people think we're in the suburbs.

Classic Tagline Renewed

Helzberg Diamonds taking 'I am Loved' to the streets

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Since the 1960s, Helzberg Diamonds has used the motto "I Am Loved." Now, the jewelry store based in North Kansas City, Missouri, is bringing the motto to life in murals and other art projects. The first "I am Loved" mural went up on an exterior wall of the company's headquarters in August.

Hottie Pokes Into New Biz

Kendall Jenner Stars in Own.'s New Fall Denim Campaign

Kendall Jenner debuted denim brand Own.'s fall 2022 campaign on Thursday with Olivia Vinten, Jessie Li, Bola Edun, Caitlin Lamb, Mykeesha Nelson and Meghan Roche. In a series of photos, Jenner coordinates athleisure tops with denim jackets and jeans designed in a variety of silhouettes, including high-waisted skinny, low-rise flare, '90s-inspired ankle crop and "mom jeans."

Prez Downplays Economic FAIL

Biden slammed for claiming 8.2% inflation shows 'progress:' 'What planet is this guy on?'

President Biden was blasted after his comments attacking Republicans following the September inflation report on Thursday. Biden appeared in Los Angeles to deliver remarks on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and its impact on voters. His speech came after a new Consumer Price Index report revealed that inflation rose 8.2% in September compared with the same time last year, higher than initial predictions indicated.

MAGA Trial Victory???

How the Jan. 6 committee helped make Donald Trump a historic president

This week, as the Jan. 6 special committee holds its hearing before the midterm elections, is a good moment to take stock of Trump's astonishing achievement since November 2020. In historical terms, Trump is a larger figure than ever. Far from loosening, his claim on national attention is as urgent as ever.

Tech Trump Move

Google is now distributing Truth Social, Trump's Twitter alternative

Truth Social, the Twitter alternative backed by former President Donald Trump, is now available for download in the Google Play Store following months of being blocked over violent content. Google's reversal indicates that it's now satisfied that Truth Social can follow its guidelines.

Joking Border Run

Ocasio-Cortez mocks Fox News contributor's $28 Taco Bell lunch

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Wednesday evening mocked a Fox News contributor after he said high inflation made his lunch at Taco Bell total $28. "You want to know how bad inflation is?" said Scott Martin, who is also the chief investment officer at Kingsview Partners.

Vandalism Saves The Planet

Anti-oil environmentalists pour tomato soup on Van Gogh 'Sunflowers' painting

A pair of climate protesters in hurled tomato soup on a Vincent Van Gogh painting at London's National Gallery Friday - the latest in a series of attempts to vandalize famous artwork to speak against oil. London's Metropolitan Police said officers arrested two people on suspicion of criminal damage and aggravated trespass.

Going Dutch For Safety

Princess Amalia: Security fears force Dutch princess from student home

Her parents gave details in an emotional encounter with the press, during a state visit to Sweden.

Vlad Talks Targets

Putin has ‘no regrets’ over missile barrage in Ukraine, but says no need for more ‘massive’ strikes for now

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday he had "no regrets" over his deadly missile attacks on civilian targets across Ukraine earlier this week, but said there was no need for more "massive" strikes for now.

Still Plagued By COVID

Long Covid is said to affect white middle-aged women more - but data suggests otherwise

isha Viswanathan is a physician at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she also directs the institution's long Covid program. Her work involves both researching the mounting chronic health crisis, as well as treating patients suffering from its symptoms. But, she says, the divide between what her research shows and who she sees in her clinic is alarming.

Far East Game Plan Reported

Xi Jinping's Endgame: A China Prepared for Conflict With the U.S.

Since rising to power a decade ago, Xi Jinping has unleashed an array of campaigns to help ensure that China would prevail in, or at least withstand, a confrontation with the West. He has bolstered China's military, reorganized the economy and remade society around a more ideologically committed Communist Party.

Billionaire Offer Funky Pitch

Elon Musk pushing for Twitter purchase after perfume launch: Buy it so I can buy Twitter

ES Entrepreneur Elon Musk has launched a perfume called 'Burnt Hair', asking his followers to buy the product to help facilitate his acquisition of the social network platform Twitter. Musk, the world's richest man, wrote a series of playful messages on his Twitter account wondering why he hadn't thought of the idea sooner and revealed that he has already sold 10,000 bottles of the perfume worth 1 million dollars.

Verbiage Degraded . . . 

Generation Amazing!!! How We're Draining Language of Its Power

I noticed it recently when I scheduled my dog for a veterinarian's appointment. The person who answered the phone was friendly enough and greeted me warmly, and then I made my request. I'd like to make an appointment for my dog, I said. Wonderful, said the scheduler. June McCrary. Excellent.

Fashioning COVID Comeback


When touring became impossible in 2020 over you-knowwhat, Death Valley Girls drummer Laura Kelsey took her rock 'n' roll bona tides back to the garage-but this time she was working on frills, not fills.

Family Biz Questioned

I'm a porn star - the success has helped me bond with my manager dad

A successful porn star and OnlyFans creator has revealed how her relationship with her father has improved since she entered the the adult entertainment industry. Kimmy Granger, 27, admitted her career choice initially drove a wedge into her family, explaining on Holly Randall's "Unfiltered" podcast that her dad was "disturbed" when he first found out what she was doing.

Local Inclusive Rock Out

'A space for us to be happy.' An evening of LGBTQ+ pride with MUNA at The Truman

MUNA. // Photo by Jack Howland MUNA arrived at The Truman on Thursday to an air of well-deserved hype, returning to Kansas City for the first time since the September 7 release of their self-titled third album-a no-skips, genre-bending high watermark for the band that has cemented their status as makers of very good and unapologetically queer pop music.

Chicano Rap Redux

We Are Latinos | Music Connects Generations for Mexican American Rapper

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Classic Reconsidered

MTH's Innovative and Authentic "Man of La Mancha" is a Revival Centuries in the Making - KC STUDIO

There is no question that Man of La Mancha is an enduring classic.

EPIC Artisan Highlighted

Mona Cliff evokes the subtle beauty of Kansas hills and sunsets with millions of tiny beads

The Indigenous artist is among 19 local artists creating work for the new Kansas City airport, scheduled to open next year. For her piece, Cliff has spent months attaching millions of tiny beads to several pieces of raw-edge wood. The final work will be 17 feet long.

Katie Calls The Weekend

Warm and windy Friday


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