Kansas City Fed Reports Weed Economy Boost

The search for revenue amid desperate times turns to the drug trade.

As inflation worsens and fewer opportunities for advancement are available to the working-class . .  . Of course the weed game looks attractive.

Accordingly . . . 

Here's a bit of economic data that backs up the march toward legalization and politely ignores any cultural consequences as the NEXTGEN turns into stoners in order to survive . . .

"Citing a 2019 survey from the National Association of Realtors, the Kansas City Fed said 23% of realtors in states that had legalized both medical and recreational marijuana prior to 2016 reported that residential inventory had tightened due in part to all-cash purchases from the marijuana industry.

The report noted that in 2021, tax revenue from the marijuana industry totaled more than $423M in Colorado, $150M in Oklahoma, and $50M for New Mexico just from recreational sales (medical marijuana sales are exempt there)."

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Kansas City Fed outlines economic activity boost from marijuana legalization (TCNNF)

A new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City found that marijuana legalization in states included in its district has boosted tax revenue, created jobs, and increased real estate demand. The Tenth Federal Reserve District includes Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Wyoming, and parts of Missouri and New Mexico.