Kansas City Daily Prog: Midweek Look

Every day progressive journalists from throughout the metro struggle to rewrite the discourse and re-frame news that TV reports with more immediacy and impact. 

Most of these reports aren't worth featuring but together they provide a view for Kansas City progressives that's slightly to the left of Rachel Maddow . . . And that guy can get pretty far out there.

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Newspaper Advocates Blank Check

Kansas City will vote on $175 million bond for parks & affordable housing. What that means

In the Nov. 8 election, Kansas City voters will vote on two major bond initiatives that could lead to $175 million investment in Kansas City's parks, recreation, entertainment facilities and affordable housing initiatives. In order for bond initiatives to pass in Missouri, there has to be a supermajority, which means roughly 57% of voters need to vote yes in order for it to pass.

Kansas Democrats Will Save The World

November election to decide Kansas Supreme Court climate, constitutional amendments - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - In November, six of Kansas' seven Supreme Court judges are up for retention votes, and two constitutional amendments will be decided. Advocacy groups say these choices on the November ballot offer voters an opportunity to shift Kansas' political landscape.

Everybody Hates Money

Missouri's newest tax cut will help the wealthy, with smaller savings for middle-income families

If you make $55,000 a year, you can look forward to an extra $66 a year — enough to buy yourself a fancy new candle or dinner for two, without drinks, thanks to a new income tax rate plan passed by the Missouri legislature last week..

The Guv Kelly Movement?!?

Women could claim the most governors' seats in U.S. history in November - Kansas Reflector

WASHINGTON - Women running in governors' races throughout the country are potentially set to break records if elected this November. In total there are 25 women governor candidates nominated by the two major political parties this election cycle, sharply up from 16 in 2018. Democrats hold 16 of those nominations, with nine GOP women candidates [...]

Token Reporting

Missouri's Latino population has boomed. So why did the state's Hispanic commission disappear?

Hispanic Missourians used to have advocates built into the state government thanks to the bipartisan Governor's Commission of Hispanic Affairs. It was introduced in 2003. About four years later, it basically disappeared. It's been 14 years since the state has had a functional governor-appointed commission assigned to address issues facing Hispanic and Latino Missourians.

Show-Me Prog Voting Guide

Missouri election law has changed. Here's what voters need to know to cast a ballot * Missouri Independent

Election Day is just over a month away and a lot has changed for voters since the last time they cast a ballot. A new elections law went into effect after the August primary election and, as local election authorities, we have an obligation to educate voters about what to expect when they vote this fall.

Closest We've Seen To Objectivity

Former Gov. Colyer claims Kansas media biased against Republicans: 'We don't get a fair hearing' - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Former Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer says Democrats in Kansas can seize news coverage in Kansas with positive political messaging while Republicans such as himself find it "nearly impossible" to break through the firewall without going negative. "In Kansas, there isn't a single conservative newspaper," Colyer said of his view on a coverage inequity.

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